What is a CEDS?

At Wellness Coaching and Nutrition Therapy, we are committed to helping our patients overcome eating disorders and disordered eating of all kinds. Certification as a Certified Eating Disorders Specialist(or CEDS) exemplifies this commitment, and is bestowed upon professionals who have demonstrated clinical expertise through education, experience and a rigorous examination process. Some of the qualifications for meeting CEDS certification requirements include:

  • Over 2,500 hours of supervised patient care in the field or eating disorders
  • Consultation from a certified specialist in the field of eating disorders
  • A rigorous education and examination process​

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IAEDP requires 75% of ones supervision hours from their respective field. 50% of your hours must be from individual consultations. Individual consultation is defined by 1-2 persons per consultation session. Group consultation is defined as 3 or more in each consultation session. 

Consultation must occur at a minimum of 1 x per month. More frequent supervision sessions are often necessary. I encourage you to take advantage of individual AND group formats. 

If understanding and navigating CEDS requirements is a bit confusing, you’re not alone! Click here for the most recent updates and requirements. I’ve got your back and will help you navigate the steps along the way!

What Jill offers:

Individual consultation-$125/session (individual nutrition only): 50-55 minutes (scheduled mutually between you and Jill​)


  • Prepaid Package: 4 sessions @ $475 ($25 savings) (Scheduled mutually between you and Jill. Sessions must be used within 6 months of purchase.)
  • Dyad (2 participants MAX) “Individual” consultation - $100/session: 50-55 minutes (as scheduled by 2 participants mutually)
  • Group (dietitian only) consultation (MIN 3 and up to 6 MAX) - $75/group: 90 minutes
  • Currently offering Mondays 10-11:30 CST

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