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Family Based Treatment

Wellness Coaching & Nutrition Therapy strives to support those with eating disorders and their caregivers with evidence based treatment. We work side by side with Empowered U to provide Family Based Treatment or FBT. 

Is FBT evidence based?
Yes, FBT is the only evidenced based treatment for individuals 19 or younger with anorexia, bulimia, and ARFID (needing to restore weight). 

What is FBT and why do it?
FBT is a type of eating disorders treatment in which families support their loved one at home by temporarily taking full responsibility for feeding them so they can restore their health. As long as clients are medically stable, FBT can be an effective way to receive treatment without leaving home. Many families prefer this over having their loved one go to a treatment center.

Why do I need to be involved?
Even though many people with eating disorders are very responsible and capable in other areas of their lives, they need help with eating. Eating disorders often cause illogical thinking and can feel like an unwelcome voice in their head. In addition many people experience shame and anxiety which makes balanced eating difficult. Family support helps to interrupt these dangerous eating cycles.

Why use a dietitian?
WC&NT clinicians are extensively trained in FBT intervention strategies. We work with trained FBT therapists (we will provide you a referral if you do not have one) and work along side Empowered U which provides a multi-family group intensive for care-givers to learn FBT and emotion coaching strategies. Jill Sechi, MS, RDN, CEDS-S is one of the co-founders of this program. We realize that although parents have fed their children through their life, they have never learned how to re-feed their child afflicted with an eating disorder with malnutrition. A dietitian guides you through this process and considers the nutritional, medical and psychological impacts of malnutrition during the refeeding process.