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Introducing Our New Membership Page

1. Addressing Weight Concerns:  Discover sustainable and realistic approaches to weight struggles and understand why diets fail YOU. 

2. Eating Disorders: Gain valuable insights and resources to navigate the complexities of eating disorders, fostering a path towards recovery and well-being.

3. Coaching Skills & Family-Based Treatment: Understand and learn the "gold standard" in the treatment of adolescents with eating disorders; learn skills and build confidence as a caregiver supporting your loved one on their journey to recovery from an eating disorder.

4. The role of a Dietitian: Demystify the role of a dietitian in your health journey, and understand how nutrition counseling, unyielding support, and confidence in YOU can be your guiding light in achieving your wellness vision

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming addition to our website – the all-new Membership Page! This membership page is all about empowering you with a foundation of education to support YOU or your loved one. The membership page will include educational modules, videos to follow along, and resources on various topics such as:


Our full courses will include follow along educational videos featuring our Dietitians Jill Sechi and Mateus Milhomens! 

FIRST Course: How do I lose or gain weight?

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