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Podcast Recommendations

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For those seeking knowledge, support, or inspiration, podcasts can be a great resource. In this blog, we’ll introduce you to a selection of podcasts that can help you gain a deeper understanding of eating disorders, recovery, and mental health.

1. The Eating Disorder Trap: Robyn Goldberg

Hosted by the knowledgeable and compassionate Robyn Goldberg, “The Eating Disorder Trap” is a podcast that dives into various aspects of eating disorders. Robyn is a registered dietitian and certified eating disorder specialist who provides valuable insights and guidance on how to navigate the challenges of eating disorders.

Topics Covered: Nutritional advice, body image, recovery journeys, and expert interviews.

2. Just Eat Normally: Eating Disorder Recovery

Rachel Evans, the host of “Just Eat Normally,” shares her personal journey through an eating disorder recovery process. Her candid discussions and interviews with professionals and others who’ve experienced eating disorders aim to inspire and provide hope to listeners on their own paths to recovery.

Topics Covered: Personal stories, recovery strategies, self-acceptance, and body positivity.

3. The Eating Disorder Recovery Podcast

Hosted by Dr. Janean Anderson, a clinical psychologist and certified eating disorder specialist, this podcast delves deep into the science, psychology, and recovery process of eating disorders. Dr. Anderson combines her clinical expertise with personal experiences to create a supportive and informative resource for anyone affected by eating disorders.

Topics Covered: Psychological insights, treatment approaches, and real-life stories.

4. Real Health Radio

While not exclusively focused on eating disorders, “Real Health Radio” covers a wide range of health and wellness topics, making it relevant to individuals interested in nutrition, mental health, and holistic well-being. Hosted by Chris Sandel, this podcast explores health in a practical and evidence-based way.

Topics Covered: Nutrition, mental health, and various aspects of holistic health.

5. Unbiased Science Podcast

The “Unbiased Science Podcast” provides an evidence-based approach to various health topics, including those related to eating disorders. If you’re looking for scientifically sound information and expert discussions on the subject, this podcast can be an excellent resource.

Topics Covered: Scientific research, health issues, and critical analysis.

6. Find Your Food Voice

Hosted by the insightful Julie Duffy Dillon, “Find Your Food Voice” offers a fresh perspective on the relationship between food, body image, and overall health. Julie’s compassionate and empowering approach focuses on body positivity and helping listeners develop a more positive relationship with food.

Topics Covered: Body positivity, intuitive eating, health at every size, and self-acceptance.

7. The Recovery Warrior Shows

Recovery from an eating disorder is a journey that often requires resilience, support, and inspiration. “The Recovery Warrior Shows” provides just that. This podcast features stories of courage, resilience, and strength from individuals who’ve battled eating disorders and come out the other side, as well as expert insights and guidance.

Topics Covered: Personal recovery stories, expert interviews, and strategies for overcoming eating disorders.

8. Recovery Bites

“Recovery Bites” is a podcast hosted by Karin Lewis, a clinical social worker and eating disorder specialist. Karin’s deep dive into the psychological aspects of eating disorders provides a valuable resource for those navigating recovery and their loved ones. Expect insights into emotional healing and coping strategies.

Topics Covered: Emotional aspects of eating disorders, recovery strategies, and personal stories.

9. ED Matters

If you’re looking for a comprehensive resource on eating disorders, “ED Matters” has got you covered. Hosted by Gurze, Salucore, this podcast covers a wide range of topics related to eating disorder treatment and recovery. It’s an essential listen for individuals, loved ones, and professionals seeking a deeper understanding of these complex conditions.

Topics Covered: Treatment approaches, psychological insights, and personal stories.

10. Food Psych Podcast

“Food Psych Podcast” hosted by Christy Harrison offers a critical analysis of diet culture and its impact on our relationship with food and body image. Christy’s conversations challenge conventional wisdom and promote body positivity and intuitive eating as healthier alternatives.

Topics Covered: Diet culture, body image, intuitive eating, and mental health.

11. Join Our Table : Jillian Walsh & Josée Sovinsky

“Join Our Table” invites you to a conversation about eating disorders, recovery, and mental health. Hosted by Jillian Walsh and Josée Sovinsky, this podcast provides support, insights, and a sense of community for those navigating their personal journeys.

Topics Covered: Recovery discussions, personal experiences, and mental health advocacy.

12. Intuitive Eating for Christian Women

Erin Todd and Char-Lee Cassel host “Intuitive Eating for Christian Women,” exploring the principles of intuitive eating within the context of faith. Their podcast emphasizes self-compassion and mindfulness as they relate to food, body, and faith.